The Italian point of reference for Metal Additive Technologies

Producers of the first 3D printers for metals specialized in the processing of brass and steels

3D4MEC, a leading company for capital and know-how in the production of 3D printers for metals, was created as a spin-off of the Au. Te.Bo group to meet the growing need of speeding up production of metal mechanical components.

Au.Te.Bo. Spa, a company which has been operating in the mechanical and mechatronic sectors since 1963 and constructs OEM automatic machines, needed to reduce time and production costs of its mechanical components, while breaking loose from external suppliers and reducing warehouse costs.

After the financial crisis of 2008 and the arrival of China on the markets, it was necessary to find a solution to make production more flexible and to amaze customers by producing several prototypes of various sizes and complex geometries, and doing it faster than the competition. The market, however, lacked the specialized solutions of additive manufacturing for the production of mechanical components.

The solutions available at that time, represented by 3D printing service or producers of generalist machines failed to address the problems of entrepreneurs in the mechanical sector, specifically to produce resistant components with suitable technical properties, in a short time.

3D4MEC printers on the contrary, were created with the aim of speeding up the production flow and time to market of the products of mechanical companies.

In particular, each 3D4MEC printer is:

  • Built, in all its details, to achieve the best components for the mechanical sector;
  • Specialized to perform at its maximum with a product range of specific material;
  • Customized to meet the needs of each single customer.

Exploiting the experience gained in forty years within the mechanical and mechatronic sectors, the team, led by Ivano Corsini, has produced 2 different systems for 3D printing of metals specialized for one material:

  • 3D4BRASS – the first 3D printer in the world able to produce components directly in brass.

  • 3D4STEEL – the first printer in the world specialized in the processing of steel.

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3D4STEEL - The First 3D Printer For Steel

The first 3D printer for steel, developed to speed up mechanical production.

Whole parts of the machine are built specifically for the management and processing of hypoetutectoid steel powders (<0.77% C) because this material, in all its forms, is certainly the most used, most versatile and most available metal in the sector. mechanic.

3D4STEEL is the first specialized L-PBF 3D printing system for non-reactive steel powders, customized on the production needs of each customer, which guarantees the best speed on the production cycle time and the highest mechanical quality of the components at the lowest operating cost.

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3D4BRASS - The First 3D Printer For Brass

  • No lost-wax casting
  • No CNC processing
  • No die casting
  • No forging
  • No filament
  • But authentic L-PBF 3D Printing


Additive manufacturing represents the fastest and least expensive solution for the production of small batches, especially for the fact that the geometric complexity of each piece does not have a major impact on the final production cost.

One of the main advantages is the production of pre-series for validation since it is possible to have 5, 10 different samples in a few hours instead of several days / months.

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4 main advantages of the specialized 3D printers for metals compared to multi-material systems

  • Maximum productivity and production speed

    Reduction of down time and maximum speed in the distribution of powder layers on the building platform

  • Reduction of operational costs and set-up times

    3D4MEC metal 3D printers allow the reduction of set-up times and consumable cost thanks to the close powder recycle system (patented)

  • Free management of process parameters

    Open Powder System allows the use of any metal powder available on the market without any constraint of choice

  • Highest quality of produced components

    Specialized 3D4MEC's systems produce components with highest mechanical properties in the shortest time possible

The production method to speed up mechanical production and earn more with 3D printing

Il libro sul metodo CorSystem

The production method to make additive manufacturing profitable for every mechanical and industrial automation manufacturing company.

CorSystem is the result of years of experience which the inventor, Ivano Corsini, gained in the study and analysis of additive manufacturing for metals, first as a user of this technology and subsequently as the first Italian producer of specialized 3D printers for metals.

These years of expertise in a complex sector such as 3D printing has enabled Ivano Corsini to uncover all the secrets, from the hidden costs concealed by producers of industrial systems, to the enormous benefits that careful implementation can bring within a mechanical production flow.

By adopting CorSystem you will certainly open your company doors to 3D printing for metals without running the risk of becoming a victim, instead,you will understand how to make it profitable for your company right from the start.

When other entrepreneurs speak to you about additive manufacturing you will have all the necessary knowledge at your fingertips; you will be completely safe from all false information that will be fed to you and you will understand, in detail, how to exploit this technology to speed up and maximize your production.

CorSystem Book


The introductory feasibility study to additive technologies which allows you to gauge the economic and technical impact of a 3D printer for metals before buying one.

By accessing 3D4YOU you wiil:

The advanced training course which will make you a real expert in 3D printing for metals

3D4MATION is 3D4MEC’s academy of advanced additive training dedicated to all employees of the manufacturing industry who want to know in detail the technologies of 3D-LPBF printing for metals and understand how to exploit them to the maximum to increase company productivity and increase growth.

All 3D4MATION courses are carried out in Italian to favour the spread of additive culture and offer 3 different preparatory levels, starting from the basic course, dedicated to people who want to deepen their knowledge of additive manufacturing and understand how to carry out the technological transition from traditional methods to 3D printing, to the advanced course dedicated to operators who need to increase their competence in data preparation, process monitoring, quality control and post production.

Finally there will be an industrial course which involves a full immersion coaching on machine operation by our technical department.